Blink Charging creates an effortless EV charging experience with new Plug&Charge tech


Blink Charging (BLNK), one of the leading EV charging companies across North America and Europe, is unleashing Plug&Charge technology to make an effortless experience, prompting further zero-emission adoption.

Since its foundation in 2009, Blink Charging has grown into an EV charging powerhouse. The accelerating pace of electric vehicle adoption over the past several years has led to rapid growth and infrastructure deployment.

With Blink’s recent acquisition of SemaConnect in June, the company’s network now spans over 48,000 chargers with more than 423,000 registered users.

At the beginning of the year, the EV charging company inked a deal with GM to provide its IQ 200 Level 2 chargers for select GM dealerships. Blink then strategically enhanced its European presence with the acquisition of UK-based Electric Blue.

The charging company has introduced several new innovations to upgrade the charging experience and drive adoption.

In October, Blink revamped its charging network “from the ground up” with the new Blink app featuring capabilities and enhanced functionality. However, Blink Charging’s announcement Monday to provide Plug&Charge capabilities can fill the missing piece the company has been looking for to create an effortless charging experience.

Blink EV chargers Source: Blink

Blink is teaming up with Hubject, a leading eMobility services provider giving customers access to Plug&Charge abilities.

With Plug&Share, EV drivers can seamlessly connect their vehicles and start the charging process. The feature is the marketing name for the ISO 15118 protocol, which completely automates the process, allowing you to simply “plug and charge.” No need for an app or RFID card.

The new functionality is designed to create an even more convenient charging experience, as Trishan Peruma, CEO of Hubject, explains:

Creating an effortless charging experience for EV drivers lowers the barriers of EV adoption. The more straightforward the process, the more people will be convinced to join in the mobility transition

The recent climate initiatives and investments in the US and Europe are expected to drive EV adoption at a rapid pace. Having the supporting infrastructure will be critical to supporting the rollout.

According to Blink Charging, from the start of 2021 until June, the company has received $32 million in grants to fuel the growth of available EV chargers.

Electrek’s Take

At this point, there’s no denying the accelerating pace at which electric vehicles are being adopted. With the new Inflaton Reduction Act in the US and the EU banning new combustion vehicles from 2035, EV sales are only expected to continue growing.

To support the influx of new EVs, charging availability will be critical. Although recent innovations allow EVs to travel for longer ranges with enhanced performance, having charging options can ease one of the biggest deterrents of buying an EV – range anxiety.

Not only that, but simple options that don’t take many technical skills, in particular, will be the difference maker.

Blink’s move comes days after EVgo’s announcement to add Autocharge+ (Plug&Charge) capability to Tesla EVs. As my colleague Jamie pointed out, “simplicity is one of the reasons Tesla’s Supercharger network gets higher satisfaction numbers.”

As EVs roll out at a record pace, the technology around them is developing to support the auto industry’s transition. These innovations are making charging effortless and less time-consuming, which will be an important factor in accelerating adoptions and changing the minds of those who may be less inclined to go all-electric.

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