Travis singer ‘mauled’ by runaway sausage dog he tried to save after car crash


Travis singer Fran Healy says there was “so much blood” after he was “mauled” by a runaway sausage dog he tried to save from the middle of a car crash.

The musician said it happened in Los Angeles – where he now lives – and that he had to drive to hospital while bleeding.

Healy described the bizarre incident on Twitter alongside a picture of his injured hand.

He said he jumped out of his car after seeing three other vehicles “jackknifed” near his home and a daschund running “from the middle of the chaos”.

Fran Healy of Travis performs during the V Festival
Fran Healy during the V Festival in 2016

“Cars bomb down our hill and it would have been toast. So I tried to pick it up and it mauled the s*** out of my left hand.

“I held on, hoping to chuck it into our porch but then I slipped and it bolted off,” said Healy.

The 48-year-old said a neighbour called an ambulance but a fire engine “with 5 Calvin Klein models” turned up and suggested he go to A&E.

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Healy – whose hits with Travis include Why Does It Always Rain On Me? and Sing – tweeted that doctors cleaned up his finger but that it’s “bloody sore”.

He added: “The dog… is fine. Was cornered at the bottom of the hill and the owner, who lives in Stevie Nicks old house (pop pickers), was reunited.”

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